Saturday, February 9, 2013

You're Just My Type! UPDATE: Now With Video!

I have a thing for typewriters. Part of that is because I am, technically, professionally, a writer. But also, let's be serious here: they're soooo cool. I have a mint-green Hermes, a "I support you trying to write a novel" present from Dave. And it's wonderful. If I had the technical know-how, I would totally try to rig up one of those typewriter-laptop hybrids. Sadly, I have to get my typewriter jollies from vintage novelty cartoons...LIKE SO.

Dave's first-view reaction: She looks like Betty Boop.*

*Don't they all?

So much love--earring, pretty flower, arched eyebrow
No wonder Don Draper is always going on about the steno pool

But how did she get the heart on the page? 1950s wingdings?

I like the dress, but I wish she had worn something a little more business professional

Goes without saying


We have our first rhyme of the season!

While I was drawing the typewriter girl, I made a little video and super-speeded it up thanks to the magic of Windows Movie Maker. It was fun! Nala the dog makes a cameo appearance and walks into the camera at one point. Oh, and there's a very weird jump towards the end, because I didn't know that Movie Maker stops recording after an hour, so you miss the few scintillating moments when I draw the heart and start working on the text. Enjoy!

 music: Cab Calloway, Bugle Call Rag

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