Friday, December 14, 2012

A Christmas Story

Cue folksy voice-over--it's A Christmas Story!

I debated for a long time over which image to use for today's muralcle. Ralphie in the bunny suit? Life-sized leg lamp? Cowboy regalia? Peter Billingsley's dimpled grin?

But ultimately I decided to go with my favorite moment from the movie: when Flick is triple-dog-dared to stick his tongue to the flagpole and a generation of people learned not to accept dares from punk-faced kids in multi-colored knit hats.

I always thought the whole tongue-on-cold-metal thing was stupid, and then one winter my friends and I were amusing ourselves by breaking off and eating the little icicles that hung from the roof and I got the totally amazing and incredibly cool idea to break off the BIGGEST icicle, the one that was pretty much as tall as me, and eat that.

Did you know that in certain conditions, giant icicles react to warm tongues in the exact same way as flagpoles? My bottom lip has never quite recovered.

Dave's first-view reaction: (we had just come in from a long, cold bike ride and he made some happy noises and then chased me around the apartment with his tongue out) Get it? Because your cheeks are so cold my tongue will stick to you!*

More pictures after the jump!

*I did not get it.

Here's a bit of trivia I wish I didn't know!
The actor who played Flick eventually went on to star in several adult films.**

I like Schwartz's scarf

Little Ralphie! I think I made his lips look a little more bee-stung than I meant to.

I couldn't resist throwing the leg lamp in there.
Fra-GEEE-lay! Must be from Italy!

**I know, I know. His career plus that picture--the jokes practically punch you in the face. But since I'm trying to keep this blog kid-friendly, I'll let you all amuse yourself on your own. Merry Christmas.

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